Holy Envy: What I Admire in Judaism

Anderson, Robert | 31.12.2003

As part of a pair of lectures sponsored by the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria, Australia) on the theme “Holy Envy,” a Christian scholar discusses what he admires in Judaism.   … [more]

I Believe

Anderson, Robert | 23.03.2004

The Christian part of a two-part symposium. The Jewish part. … [more]

Responses to Jesus

Anderson, Robert

The Jewish 'no' and the Christian 'yes' to Jesus are both valid responses to the church's proclamation that centers upon Jesus of Nazareth. Though such an assertion may surprise some and disturb others, it is no less than the logical outcome of the increasing number of individual church and ecumenical statements that have appeared during the past three or four decades. … [more]

A Critique of the Vatican Holocaust Document.

Anderson, Robert

R. Anderson is Professor emeritus of Old Testament Studies at Ormond College, University of Melbourne and an ordained minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. … [more]